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Subdomains and Subdirectories

A subdomain is a part of a larger domain, typically representing a specific section or function of the main website. It shows up as a prefix to the main domain name and is isolated by a period. For instance, in “”, “blog” is the subdomain.

On the other hand, a subdirectory is a directory within the main domain that houses specific content or sections of a website. It appears as an extension to the main domain name separated by a forward slash. For example, in “”, “blog” is the subfolder.

In the video, didn’t find what you were looking for?  I’ll tell you every aspect in detail about subdomains and subfolders. Continue reading the article.

Table of Contents

Why and When to use Subdomains

Subdomains are mainly used to segregate the parts of a business operations. 

Why and When to use Subfolders

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